The Right Way to Submit Your Story to Bollywood

The right way to submit your story to Bollywood

Now that you’ve finished your superhit script, you have concerns that seem beyond control.

“I want to submit my story to Bollywood”
“I want producers to read my script!”
“Omg! Will I fit in? What if they never read my script?”

You want your script to make its way straight to the desk of a Bollywood studio executive. The good news is that Bollywood now is so much more than classics and is always on the hunt for the next big script. There are a number of ways to give your story all the limelight it deserves. Let’s get you started on how to submit your screenplay to Bollywood & turn it into a movie.

Break down your script

First & foremost, begin by presenting your script in fragments. Simply put, set aside a section that depicts the key points of your story such as a synopsis. This attention-grabbing piece of writing should convey every aspect of your story. You can also describe character arcs, plotline, and the location where your story is set.

Identify the right producers

Nothing can be worse than your script landing in a production house..but a WRONG one. Do your research on the right kind of producers for your script. Imagine writing a romantic story and someone who loves making thrillers reads it. What are the odds of your script getting through? Well, we all know the answer to that. Before reaching out to anyone, ensure that they align with your storyline. This will increase your chances of being picked hands-down.

Leverage the digital hunt for screenwriters

The movie industry is now witnessing a transformation in the field of screenplay adaptations. Producers are now, more than ever, looking for fresh ideas from across the globe in a digital fashion. You can apply for a screenplay adaptation online via platforms like Pencil that cater to scriptwriters & authors. Through an expansive network of producers, critiques and OTT platforms, one can simply request for critic rating & have their work noticed by popular production houses.

Active participation in media events

Be mindful of what’s going on around in the industry & don’t miss out on any given opportunity. Events like Screenwriting competitions, and workshops like NFDC Screenwriters Lab, and Ficci Frames, are great ways to showcase your talent. These are led by famous production houses in the Indian Film Industry. Bottom line, when people don’t know you exist, they won’t ever hear your story. 

Build your credibility smartly

The Screenwriters Association is a great place to start building your identity. It registers works of literature & drams such as screenplays, poetry, stories etc. The registration serves as official copyright authorship for a public record. It also helps provide contact details of production studios one wishes to connect with.

Despite several means of getting notices, the one that is non-negotiable is that you need to write a killer script that can’t be ignored. Keep writing, polishing and resubmitting your script to various producers. All it takes is that one producer to give you a green flag.

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