Get Your Screenplay Read By Producers

We all know of movies that are adaptations of works by bestselling authors. For instance, A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks has won billions of hearts worldwide, both as a book & on-screen.
But how did it become a book-to-film equation? Because producers are always looking out for movie ideas. The simple reason books by authors like Nicholas Sparks or J.K. Rowling have worked wonders is that someone believed in them to be supremely enthralling on the big screen. You never know, you could be the next J.K Rowling! Read on.

Make sure it’s your book’s best version
Leave no stone unturned before your book makes its way into the market to give it the final touch of perfection. If your storyline is unappealing to readers, why would a producer ever give it a shot? Sound grim, right? Thanks to platforms like Pencil, you can get your book reviewed by recognized experts in the field & optimize it to its best version. With Pencil Serendipity Score & critic reviews available on the platform, you can easily discern where your book stands.

Offer visual treats along with your book synopsis
You could have the world’s best idea put into your book but what if something else gave an edge over just words? Attach reference images of the era that your book is set in, or characters of your book to fetch some brownie points. Not only does it catch one’s attention while going through tonnes of scripts, but it also helps connect the reader to your story. Visual appeal? Check.

The right kind of literary agents in creator’s economy
You need to understand that film agents are always looking for books! Get your script straight out of the pile right onto the producer’s desk through modern-day literary agents like Pencil. You are visible to an array of filmmakers, studios, and independent producers at once on a single platform. If they like your story, you are a nominee for the next movie adaptation. Pencil saves you from the hassle of juggling between several producers &  provides a streamlined virtual tour of your book straight to the suitable production house.

Network, network, network! 
The most direct and engaging fashion of getting your script read is approaching the producers of films similar to yours and giving them the elevator pitch at networking events. Go to popular film festivals – regional, national or international, depending on the language, content, and the goals you have for your script – and strike up conversations while standing in line for films or attending panel discussions until you meet the right person. Make sure you know your movie better than you know yourself, have your business card handy, and always ask first before pitching your work. 

Even outside of film festivals, expand your circle and reach any contacts who may have connections of their own in the film industry. You never know when you may meet the right person while networking!

Have faith in your story! 
Not getting your script read by producers even after putting your work out there (or worse – getting rejected) can take its toll on any aspiring screenwriter. But don’t let that deter you from your journey and lose sight of your goal! It may take a while, but the cream will rise to the top if you have faith in your script and keep refining it. Make sure to keep incorporating the feedback and being cognisant of the evaluations you receive if you have submitted them to any platforms or competitions. Did you know that Hwang Dong-hyuk, the creator of Netflix’s hit Squid Game, was rejected by a myriad of studios for over ten years before his script was picked up? 

As intimidating and sometimes demoralizing as this process can be, it is time to turn your book into a movie; for your script to leave your imagination and your desk and find its way onto a producer’s lap. Be patient and kind to yourself while you follow these recommendations, and your phone will be ringing with an offer in no time!

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