Get ready to sell your story to Netflix!

Get ready to sell your story to Netflix!

In the era of Netflix & chill, picture yourself as the creator of a superhit web series or a movie…on NETFLIX! Do you come from the land of (day)dreamers who paint these beautiful scenarios in their heads? Well, who wouldn’t want their stories to sell like hotcakes. Almost every single writer, and filmmaker dreams of turning their story into a screen adaptation. 

Okay, but the real question is – How do you move past its hard-and-fast screening process? Because for the record, this is what Netflix states loud and clear-

  • Netflix may generate an idea internally and hire creatives to develop those ideas further.
  • Netflix employs a team of creative executives and buyers, who receive pitches for content.
  • Netflix may purchase finished works at film festivals or other established venues.

Yep, kinda nerve-racking! But as we know, every cloud has a silver lining. According to an article by Publishers Weekly,  “The streaming service is on a book-buying spree as it seeks more content for its ever-growing global subscriber base.”

So, where do you start?

  1. Take feedback to create the best version of your story
    Writing a story and marketing it requires a tremendous amount of mental investment. Your story could be a perfect plot for a psychological thriller and yet, your distinctive idea can be further enhanced before you pitch it to a number of distributors. Since your story is an unsolicited piece of content, the waiting process can be rather overwhelming.
    So before starting the pitching spree, indulge yourself in activities that can further hone your skills and boost your confidence. These could include:
  • Getting an expert critic to review your story
  • Taking feedback from fellow writers, friends or family
  • Seek inspiration from production companies with a forte in your genre
  • Craft an exemplary summary of your story while pitching
    You can check out the blog on how to craft the perfect pitch for your story and set just the right impression.
  1. Find a suitable agent who represents you
    This is the most crucial step that decides whether your story has a chance to make it to Netflix or not. Your representative will metaphorically welcome you to the Netflix universe! But the catch here is to pick an agent who is linked to Netflix to simplify this process for you. Your agent’s relationship with the platform will be the catalyst that speeds up the process by constantly working things out with production teams, studios, etc. 

How do you find the right agent for Netflix?
One simple yet, proven way, is by creating an IMDbPro account to extract the data on every Netflix movie/show ever released. You can get access to information about the producers, aggregators, and agents that contributed to turning a script into a Netflix adaptation. This will serve as the gold mine of information in the media industry, especially if you have never done something like this before.

With this, you will certainly be in a place to understand where to sell a movie idea.

Don’t forget to market, promote & connect!

  1. Compete in the right kind of contests
    Not only will you get to flaunt your script and brandish your mighty pen, but you will get feedback, interact with fellow screenwriters, and network with industry professionals. Some contests are connected to Netflix which increases the chances of your success right away! Your story has a chance to be passed along to the producers you have desperately been chasing after. However, it is easy to fall prey to scams disguised as competitions, so make sure that every site you submit the labor of your efforts and dedication to is legitimate and offers industry connections.
  2. Promote your work without fear!
    When you are recognized, there is added credibility in your work. You become a brand and hence, the next step should involve promoting yourself as a brand. Be proud of your work and market your story in the best way possible. Try building connections with renowned judges, and industry experts via LinkedIn or Twitter to enhance your online presence. With network building, you could get access to your ticket to the big screen. 

There is no one size fits all approach when trying to sell a movie idea to Netflix. Whether you wish to pitch a TV show script, or simply sell a story to Netflix, it will require a whole lot of perseverance and motivation to experience that extraordinary feeling while watching the screening of a story, that you created.

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