6 Reese Witherspoon Approved Books You Must Read

6 Reese Witherspoon Approved Books You Must Read

Besides being an outstanding actor, producer and entrepreneur, Reese Witherspoon is a passionate advocate for the power of reading books. This is established by her ceaseless devotion to her personal book club, which she founded in 2017. Today, it has thousands of devoted followers who can count on the fact that Reese never fails to choose page-turners. Her fondness for literary works led her to write her own book titled Whiskey in a Teacup.

Time and again, this beloved Hollywood persona has expressed her ardent love for reading books and their ability to create unity and empathy among people. Reese’s recommendations sprawl across diverse narratives, with a special spotlight cast on the female perspective. Thus, if you admire this star’s reading choices as much as we do, and are curious to know what her favourite titles are, read on below-

  1. Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

As mentioned before, Witherspoon tends to gravitate towards strong, female protagonists. Owen’s novel features Kya, an unconventional girl as the central figure who draws her powers from the natural world. Besides being a memorable tale of loneliness, resilience and survival, the novel includes an element of mystery by also featuring a murder. Being a misfit in society, Kya is eyed with suspicion. It is thus a coming-of-age story that is written in hauntingly beautiful prose, which earned this book the top position on the New York Times Bestsellers List for 124 weeks.

  1. You Should See Me in a Crown by Leah Johnson

It’s no secret that Reese adores the Young Adult genre. This is probably why she couldn’t stop gushing about Johnson’s book. The story follows a black, queer teenage girl trying to make her way out of high school and out of her hometown into a more liberating space. The struggles of being an adolescent intermingle with her inner battle against anxiety as she navigates her way to adulthood. Johnson’s novel is charming, light-hearted and perfect for any reader who wishes to immerse themselves in an adolescent’s psyche.

  1. Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

Let’s just say that Reese enjoyed this novel enough to star in its TV series adaptation. Set in a seemingly peaceful and idyllic suburb, this thriller will leave you astounded. When the fates of a picture-perfect family and an enigmatic mother-daughter duo combine, the illusion of tranquillity is broken. Raising questions about the role of art, self-identification and motherhood, this book makes for an intriguing read. 

  1. Are You Sleeping by Kathleen Barber

Reese has called Kathleen Barber’s inventive and twisty psychological thriller “the perfect weekend read”. And now she’s officially adapting it as a movie starring Octavia Spencer! This unputdownable novel is about an investigative journalist’s breakout podcast that reopens a murder case—and threatens to expose the secrets of the victim’s daughter and her carefully constructed new life. Who doesn’t love a well-crafted thriller? Give this book a read before its screen version arrives. 

  1. Group: How One Therapist and a Circle of Strangers Saved My Life by Christie Tate

This book will resonate with anyone who feels passionately on the subject of mental health. Embark on the life-changing journey of Christie Tate who appears to have her life together as the top student in her law school holding numerous accolades, but is still haunted by feelings of isolation, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Christie feels beyond help with her current mental state until one therapist, Dr Rosen, and a supportive psychotherapy group transforms her life in more ways than one. Through a means of interpersonal connection, Christie reminisces on her past and slowly begins to trust Dr Rosen’s unusual advice, looking forward to each upcoming session. 

  1. The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo

Set in 1930s colonial Malaysia, Yangsze Choo’s coming-of-age tale The Night Tiger was selected as the April 2019 pick for Reese’s Book Club. This beautiful, transcendent novel centres on the lives of Ji Lin, an apprentice dressmaker, and Ren, a houseboy. A series of mysterious deaths in their district spawn rumours of men turning into tigers as Ji Lin and Ren find themselves in increasingly dangerous situations. This compelling, haunting tale weaves magical realism with issues of class and modernity for a thoroughly original, memorable story that will stay with you long after you’re finished.

Although Reese’s list of book recommendations is virtually never-ending, we’ve rounded up some of the best titles for you. Choose from this diverse collection as you contemplate what your next read should be. Like Reese, we too can spread the joy of reading as we give these books a read and engage in meaningful dialogue about the issues they raise.

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