5 Simple Ways to Get Noticed by Studios

5 Simple Ways to Get Noticed by Studios

If you’re an aspiring screenwriter, the struggle can be real. You know that you have a great pitch in your mind that will make a mind-blowing movie someday. But you also know how difficult it is to put your idea out there and get noticed by studios. Given the mounting interest in this area of creative work, the competition can be intimidating. However, we’re here to dispel all your doubts about getting your script or pitch on the desk of a successful production company. These 5 simple yet effective methods will show you how-

  1. Break the traditional chain

Let’s look at how pitching to studios has been traditionally done- you write a script, struggle to find an agent to represent you and then wait by the phone for big production houses to set up meetings with you. Times have evolved and the pitching scene has altered greatly. Today, you can take matters into your own hands. So do your research on how to start out independently. But being independent doesn’t mean that you’ll be alone through this process. Curious to know how? Read on below.

  1. Do your research on trending content

Researching what has currently been drawing viewers’ attention will help you frame your story in a manner that will capture the attention of studios and production houses. For instance, if you’re writing a script for an action movie, make sure you don’t get derivative and write your movie along the lines of traditional James Bond movies. You need to ideate something different in order to truly stand out if you wish to get noticed by studios.

  1. Try a pitching platform instead

As we mentioned before, you can get a lot of help during your journey of getting your script on the screen. When you pitch your script to a platform, you’ll have greater chances of getting noticed by studios. Since platforms like these are partnered with production houses and studios, they’ll try their best to get your idea out there if it shows true potential. At each step, you’ll have critics review your work and tweak it before you can pitch it to a studio. 

  1. Increase your presence on social media

This doesn’t mean that you post pictures of your personal interests every day. What you need to do instead is orient your content towards your goal. Write posts that are related to the script that you’re trying to push. Post images of how you visualise your movie. Follow the accounts of studios and production houses so that you can stay in touch with all that is new and trending.

  1. Create multiple scripts of diverse forms

Let’s face it- one reason why you’ve been facing a dry spell when it comes to getting studios to notice you is that you’ve been offering up the same content over and over again. What you need to do instead is explore your talent in other genres. For instance, if you’ve only been writing action movie scripts, dip your toes into the thriller/ mystery genre. Maybe you’ll discover that it’s what you do best! When you write diversely, studios also notice your expertise in multiple genres. This will create a higher demand for your work.

Picture this- the blockbuster movie for the year comes to an end, the screen fades to black and the credits roll and there’s your name. This dream isn’t too far away, although it may seem now as you’re trying hard to get noticed by studios. But you need not give up because of the way the process has evolved. Every great screenwriter has struggled to get their idea on screen. Don’t stop writing the movie that the world is waiting to watch!

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