Become a Critic on Pencil

If you like stories, and you love reading we’ve got something fun in store for you!

You can now register to be a Critic on Pencil and earn while you read! It’s time to monetize your hobby.

Here’s how you can get started:

1. Create your account on Pencil

Visit the Pencil website and click on sign up. Log in with your email id. After that, you will receive a confirmation email which will lead you back to the log-in screen. Click on login and select your role as ‘Critic’.

Once you have registered as a Critic, you shall receive an evaluation / experience form by email. Based on your work, the pencil team will reach out to you with commercial details and payment options.

2. Onboarding

 Once the Pencil team confirms the forms are completed, they shall reach out to you with the commercial details. Post you agree to the commercials, you may share your legal & banking information ( ID, PAN & Bank details), they shall then share a legal agreement, which you need to digitally sign, to become a verified critic on the Pencil platform.

3. Legal & Payments

For the work done each month, the payments shall be remitted by Pencil by the 20th of the next month, i.e. for the work done in April, the payments for the entire month shall be made by 20th May. The payments shall be wired to your bank account directly.

4. Privacy & secrecy

Your identity shall never be revealed, along with the synopsis you have evaluated to the studios nor to writers. While that, some specific people’s names we may use, on our website and other material, exclusive permissions shall be sought in those cases.


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