What Makes Book Summaries Awesome?

Book Summaries

The present generation has a motto that personally a lot of us have thought of but perhaps shy away from saying out loud – “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” But if we paused and really thought about it – it’s true! Attention spans have decreased further than 5 seconds now. We live in a world where we are annoyed by YouTube’s 6-second unskippable ads! And if you cannot get our attention in 3 seconds, we wouldn’t listen to anything you are saying in the first place. In this current mindset, does it surprise anyone that non-fiction books might not be the pick of the litter when it comes to reading? 

Enter the savior: book summaries! 

In modern times, there are apps available for the same. You no longer need to stalk SparkNotes to understand concepts anymore. Nor do you need to force yourself to read a book that is determined to not give you time of the day. Instead, we find a smart way out of this rather complicated problem.

Apps that give you the book summaries. Especially of non-fiction books. 

Let’s be honest. Most people do not like reading non-fiction books. Unless they are written in an easy, snackable way. Such as The Secret by Rhoda Byrne. Or all its successors. The Magic especially did well because it brought into practice what the books were preaching in easy to do exercises. 

But what about the slightly heavier ones? Such as the 7 Habits of Highly Effective or The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck? Well, enter apps such as Blinkist, InstaReads, Headway, etc. These apps not only summarize the books but also have key takeaway points listed for them. Can you get away by just reading these summaries? We would like to think so. 

Why opt for a Book Summaries app?

Non-fiction books do take up a long time to read. And a lot of us are looking to just know the highlights from the books. We really could not be bothered about the nitty-gritty of it all. As long as we know the basics, we should be able to manage. That is exactly why we believe book summaries are awesome.

Because instead of spending ten days reading one book, you can now read four books in one day! Our brains are built to absorb information in easy, snackable chunks. There have been times when you have perhaps read the same paragraph, over and over again, without really understanding what you were reading. Book summaries make it easier for you to get into the content of the books. Imagine knowing the basics of four such books in one go. Everyone would wonder, what your secret is by which you know everything these non-fiction books have to offer! 

The Benefits of Book Summaries 

Well, all the cool kids are reading them! And when we say cool kids we mean people who want to conquer the world. Young CEOs, thought leaders, decision-makers, are all using these apps because they want to read more books that can help them in their career. 

For starters, researchers believe that reading constantly helps stimulate the brain. It also helps you regain focus. Researchers believe that by reading more, you will see changes in all areas of your life: personal and professional.

Reading, or rather, listening to audio during tasks that do not require much brainpower such as maybe doing the dishes or the hour before you turn in when you are scrolling through social media, is also a good way of being productive. You can always choose to listen to the audio files of the book summaries during the time you engage in mundane activities. After all, being productive helps you feel good – and helps you better focus on things. 

It has been proved that reading can reduce stress. Whether it is a murder mystery you are curling up with or a non-fiction book, or its summary, reading does indeed ease the mind and helps you re-focus your attention. Using apps such as Blinkist would help you become both more productive and reduce your stress. 

Finally, book summary apps are an awesome option to opt for when you are researching a new topic. Fat books with thick spines might feel daunting to someone who has recently become interested in the subject – which could vary from psychology to social studies!

So, should you also read book summaries? 

For some, it is important to not only know the kind of books they should read but to figure out which content would be important enough to focus on as well! Book summaries help them do just that. 

And after going through the summary, if you feel you need a more detailed look at the content, you can always check out the actual book. But apps like Blinkist and InstaReads have made it much easier to read as many as three books a day! So, what are you waiting for? Check out the book summaries for the titles that have been sitting forever in your ‘to read’ pile and get reading!

Also, to make things easier for you, book summary apps such as Blinkist curate reading lists based on your choices. They have book lists as suggested by world leaders such as Barrack Obama, Michelle Obama, etc. So in case you don’t know which book to pick up first, these could help nudge you in the right direction.

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