How To Fulfil Your Dream of Becoming an Author In 2022

How To Fulfil Your Dream of Becoming an Author In 2022

A writer’s journey begins when they fall in love with the act of writing; after that, they must follow that passion and manifest it into a successful writing career. Have you spent your whole life dreaming of the day when there’s a queue in front of a bookshop waiting to receive a signed copy of your book? Your dream need not remain a dream any longer. We believe that 2022 can be your lucky year- the year when you begin your journey from being a writer to becoming an author. 

Over the years, the publishing sector has grown and adapted to the demands of the changing times effortlessly. In today’s publishing climate, what is essential to ace the game is to leverage the power of technology and social media to publish one’s book successfully. The following blog will guide you through the tangible steps you can take in order to turn your biggest dream into reality-

  1.  Establish achievable goals

Along with dedication and focus, setting realistic goals is an important element of getting started as a writer. Many writers establish unreasonable goals for themselves; starting a writing career with a book is akin to starting a job without knowing what you’re getting yourself into. It’s preferable to have a well-written short tale than a half-written novel. Setting attainable goals not only encourages and motivates you to write, but it also helps writing become a habit rather than a chore. Setting aside a set amount of time each day to write is an important component of your writing journey. When you spend time every day honing your writing skills, you’ll be better able to achieve your larger writing goals. 

  1. Research the market thoroughly

There are three essential steps to writing a book that readers will want to buy and recommend to their friends.

  • Recognize the type of reader you’re looking for.
  • Recognize the desires of your ideal reader.
  • Give your readers what they’re looking for.

The goal of market research is to develop a product that better serves your customers. You can make better decisions about what to include in your book and how to position your market in the marketplace if you know who they are and what they want. This market research approach can assist you in making better judgments when it comes to writing, branding, selecting a book title, developing a book cover, writing the book description and marketing copy, and promoting the book.

  1. Become a member of the online community of aspiring authors

Remember that as a young writer, you’re never alone. There are numerous platforms on the internet today where prospective authors can engage and share their work. If you’re seeking the proper setting to stay motivated and inspired, this is a great option. Writers connect with one another on various networks to offer support and encouragement. You may meet like-minded writers on a variety of networks, including Wattpad and Miraquill. These forums frequently provide much-needed room for conversation about current literary subjects, assisting young writers in becoming the finest versions of themselves.

  1. Conquer self-doubt and embrace challenges

The most fundamental piece of advice is to never give up. Often, writers start writing a book with the full expectation that their idea will be the next big thing, only to abandon it or lose faith in it. The virtue of perseverance is what distinguishes a bestseller from a half-written work. You have to keep going. The first draft is never the final draft. There are a lot of revisions and edits that go on behind the scenes of what you get as the final result, so sticking with it and not giving up is crucial. When you’re dealing with self-doubt, the discipline of writing every day can help you overcome it. This is because being consistent overcomes any uncertainty about your idea when you commit a specific amount of time and effort to your writing task every day. 

  1. Don’t be hesitant to try self-publishing

According to a 2021 study, first-time authors who self-published their first book felt more confident in themselves and were received better than those who went the usual route. The digital space has grown in importance for both writers and readers in the current age. An ambitious writer can take entire control of the publishing process by self-publishing. This method allows you to coordinate everything from book formatting to book cover design to finding a platform to print the book and executing a marketing campaign to promote it. This strategy gives you more flexibility and allows you to customize your path to book publication.

  1. Leverage social media to market your book and increase your popularity

Several authors, such as John Green and Gillian Flynn, now have a sizable social media following. Because we live in the digital age, social media can be used to boost one’s popularity. When it comes to creating your personal brand as an author, social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and Pinterest each have their own distinct offering. You can use social media to showcase your expertise as you become a member of the global network. It’s a good idea to look at how other authors used social media to promote their novels in the same genre as yours.

What started as a small tiny voice inside your head can become a reality for you. What began as a decision to take a chance and risk could reward you in unexpected ways. So, this coming year, cast your dream, set your literary goal, and focus on the little steps you can take every day. Very soon, you’ll find yourself becoming an inspiration for a generation of budding authors to come.

Good luck!

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