5 Tips to Help Budding Writers Kick-start Their Journey

5 Tips to Help Budding Writers Kick-start Their Journey

Every writer begins with a dream. To fulfil it, you have to accept challenges and overcome obstacles that come in your path. As young writers, even starting on your first piece of work can be a struggle. You might be afraid of how the audience will receive your work, or how you will compare to other writers in your genre. Or perhaps you’re daunted by the process of publishing. As a beginner, these feelings are entirely valid. We’re here to reassure you that it is normal to be suffering from both- a bout of the dreaded writer’s block, or an excess of ideas that are difficult to choose from. To ease your mind, and to encourage you to grab that pen and begin writing, here are 5 tips that will give you the much-needed boost to your confidence-

  1. Research on the various literary trends

In order to stand out from the crowd as a new writer, you need to have a thorough knowledge of what readers are looking for. Also, read a few books that your contemporaries have written. Find out what works best within the genre of your choice. This will not only keep you abreast of the latest trends but will also open up your mind to newer ideas. For instance, if you’re planning on writing a fantasy novel, relevant research will show you that creating stories around vampires are now a thing of the past. Or, if you’re still interested in writing about them, find out what has already been done and how you can deviate from these existing conventions and create something fresh and exciting.

  1. Join the online community of budding writers

As a budding writer, remember that you’re never alone. The internet today is home to countless platforms where aspiring writers can interact and share their work. This is extremely beneficial if you’re looking for the right environment to stay motivated and inspired. On these platforms, writers reach out to one another to extend support and encouragement. You can choose from a plethora of platforms like Wattpad and Miraquill to meet like-minded writers. These platforms often create the much-needed space for dialogue about trending topics in literature and thus help young writers become the best versions of themselves.

  1. Don’t be afraid to be yourself

As a beginner, you may be tempted to get caught up in trends and follow the crowd. This is not uncommon, for we tend to feel that if we give readers what they already approve of, it’ll make us popular. However, while this may be true to a certain extent, we advise you not to give up your individuality. The modern world allows us the freedom to express ourselves, and we should use this to our advantage. Till the previous century, women writers wrote under pseudonyms in fear of being criticised for venturing into the literary world. Today, women have fearlessly written on topics that they are passionate about. So, if you have ideas that are different from the crowd but can change the world, don’t be afraid to let them shine through your work.

  1. Don’t be afraid to explore self-publishing

A 2019 study has found that first-time writers who self-published their first book felt more confident about themselves and were received more favourably than those who chose the traditional route. In the modern age, the digital space has seen an increasing potential for both writers and readers. Self-publishing allows the aspiring writer to be in complete control of the publishing process. By choosing this method, you can coordinate everything: the formatting of the book, designing the book cover, finding a platform to print the book and implementing a marketing strategy to promote the same. This method offers you greater freedom and allows you to personalise your journey towards publishing your book.

  1. Go bold with self-promotion

In the world that we live in today, your public and virtual presence will make an impact on potential readers. In order for readers to discover your talent, they need to know what you and your book stand for. Google the name of a popular contemporary writer. Chances are that the very first link will lead you to their author website. Observe what makes their website appealing. How do they successfully connect with their readers? A large part of being a writer today entails building a credible brand. In addition to this, remain active on your social media accounts by posting about your upcoming work. Conduct interactive live sessions with your followers and speak on relevant topics that you feel passionate about. This will make you seem more relatable. The impression you make through your virtual presence will leave a lasting impact on potential readers.

Remember that all our literary greats have had to start somewhere. Becoming a writer is not only a process but also an experience. So don’t forget to enjoy yourself while you’re on this journey. We hope this blog has been able to steer you in the right direction. We cannot wait to read your awesome work!

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