From the authors of Booming Digital Stars

From the authors of Booming Digital Stars

Currently, over 50 million content creators are reigning in the digital market. And each one of them is highly passionate about turning into a self-made millionaire through authentic & inspirational content. Harsh & Manish’s Booming Digital Stars is a breakthrough for such budding creators from all over the world. The book is infused with proven ways of leveraging your content & making your presence felt on the internet. 

The minds behind Booming Digital Stars

Manish Pandey is a renowned brand consultant and mentor to several new-age content creators & influencers. He is a vital member of the leadership team of Josh Talks, one of India’s largest and fastest-growing impact platforms.

Harsh Pamnani is an eminent brand expert whose knowledge and experience with branding have contributed to prestigious management institutes such as MICA, IIMs & fora like TEDx, Google Business Group, and Josh Talk.

Straight from the creators of the book

Team Pencil got the opportunity to come together with the authors of Booming Digital Stars and understand their psyche behind creating a bestseller that reflects the real picture of today’s fast-paced creator economy of India. Read on!

  1. How was your experience of meeting the heroes of your book in reality?

It was a wonderful experience indeed. As we were writing their stories, we researched them extensively, which helped us have meaningful interactions with them. In a nutshell, all our interactions are memorable.

  1. Who has been the most influential critic that helped you hone your writing in this journey? How?

Self-criticism and self-doubt played a significant role in this journey. What we wrote was often disliked by us after a few days. So, we refined it. Then, we formed a group of volunteers from our target audience. Their feedback also helped us in refining the stories further. Our editor also helped us a lot in polishing these stories.

  1. What was the inspiration behind the book title?

Booming means rising! Harsh started the Booming series a few years back in which he covers the inspiring journeys of new-age Indian brands. In the past, he has written Booming Brands volume 1 and volume 2. Manish suggested that the way Harsh writes on start-up brands, he should also think about writing on single-person brands or personal brands, especially from the context of Creator Economy. So we extended the scope of the Booming series and came up with the name Booming Digital Stars.

  1. Researching on a topic is considered to be the most challenging part of writing a book. How did you tackle that challenge?

Great content is created as a result of passion plus patience. To develop expertise in any topic, an author does a lot of homework. We researched extensively on the internet. We read and absorbed every single source we found on the topic. There have also been times when nothing came out despite reading hundreds of articles. If the subject demanded, we also contacted relevant people offline. Once the research is done, the content has to be presented in the form of an engaging story. So we condensed the appropriate information and presented the simplified version.

  1. What was the coolest/most unique thing you discovered while researching & writing your manuscript?

Usually, we give a lot of significance to studies and ignore extracurricular activities. Undoubtedly, studies are essential, but extracurricular activities are equally important. All the stars covered in the book utilized their extracurricular skills to make their mark. 

  1. Away from your respective fields of work, how did writing a book feel?

Writing a book is a tremendous experience. It is an entrepreneurial journey with a lot of uncertainty and imagination. It clarifies your thinking, helps you spread an idea and gives you a chance to make a social impact. We thoroughly enjoyed the process. It improved our knowledge, helped build our credibility, and introduced us to the people we wouldn’t have met in our regular lives.

  1. In your opinion, What makes a book a bestseller?

Without our readers, we authors are nothing. Writing something that will add a lot of value to readers in an easy-to-understand language can help make a book a bestseller.

The creator economy fabric is tailored with single-person brands that are relevant to marketers & these ‘premium’ brands have flourished the influencer economy to over $10 billion in 2021.

In the creator economy ecosystem, the creators at any step are the most powerful assets. Social network giants are now courting creators leading to the augmentation of the creator economy. Globally renowned platforms & apps are now catalytic in helping content creators upskill their work, build audiences and expand revenue sources. Therefore, the power is in the hands of the creators to seek & step into better financial avenues.

Similarly, self-publishing platforms like Pencil have over time transformed the literary space by pioneering the contemporary methods of publishing. The creative & monetary control is governed by the writer. It is yet another medium to turn passionate writers into successful authors of the 21st century and turn their dreams into reality.

Therefore, the creator economy is gravitating towards the creators, witnessing clear shifts in the content composition and creator-fan engagement. Platforms are all geared up to support the distinctive needs of online creators in the coming years.

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