5 Trending Self-Publishing Genres Worth Exploring in 2021

5 Trending Self-Publishing Genres

As self-publishing emerges as the most desirable method of publishing of the decade, writers are experimenting with a host of available literary genres. In literature, the genre a writer chooses establishes their writing style. Readers can conveniently identify and categorise writers on the basis of their distinctive styles. Choosing the right genre can elevate your chances of standing out among your contemporaries. Your chosen genre becomes the framework for the story you want to tell. Various cultural factors that affect literary currents also determine the popularity of specific genres at a given time.

Given the plethora of options present today, it can be difficult to choose the genre that you think readers will relate the most with. Yet, looking at contemporary trends around the globe, some genres appear more relevant than others. If you’re mulling over which genre you can explore in writing your next book, look no further. This blog features the 5 trending genres in self-publishing today. Select the one that you feel will inspire you to write your next big story-

Science Fiction

Today, technology has percolated every aspect of our lives. The growing interest in the possibilities that Artificial Intelligence has to offer has also inspired creative and literary output. Writers are experimenting with the genre of science fiction by reimagining our daily lives as inevitably shaped by technology. Sci-fi novels include a wide variety of futuristic concepts like time travel, space travel, and deal with the consequences of technological and scientific advances. This genre seeks to speculate on the impact of scientific advancement on human civilization. As technology has come to stay in the real world, so has the genre of science fiction in the literary world.

Here are the bestselling science fiction books of 2020-

  • To Sleep in a Sea of Stars by Christopher Paolini
  • Network Effect: A Murderbot Novel by Martha Wells

Dystopian Literature

Over the past few years, the word ‘dystopia’ has become a word with increasing cultural relevance. Events of political turmoil around the globe have generated reactionary responses from the masses.   Authors of dystopian fiction explore and write about repressive social control systems as an analogy for similar issues in the real world. These include a lack or total absence of individual freedom and expression, and a state of constant warfare or violence that has brought about mass poverty, public mistrust or oppression. Writers of dystopian literature seek to provide fresh perspectives on problematic social and political practices in society.

Here are the bestselling dystopian fiction books of 2020-

  • A Beginning at the End by Mike Chen
  • Imagine Me by Tahereh Mafi

Inspirational and Self-help books

Owing to various factors, the genre of self-help has seen monumental growth in the past few decades. As we struggle to cope with the overwhelming demands of the modern age, their utility has increased. This is because we need guidebooks that help us adapt and cope better. Reality-altering events like the global pandemic have created a new demand for books of this genre. Self-help books address pertinent issues ranging from mental health and coping with change to parenting. As a writer, you will be able to bring about meaningful changes in the lives of people by writing a self-help book. 

Here are the bestselling self-help books of 2020-

  • Self‑Love Workbook for Women by Megan Logan
  • Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty

Women’s fiction

It is the goal of every writer today to help readers identify with the feminist cause. With women’s issues gaining ground around the world, literary trends reflect their urgency. The women’s fiction genre includes books that discuss women’s issues, thereby prompting readers to question gender roles and the global status of women. While writing within this genre, keep in mind a target group of female readers. You can explore several themes, including romance, humour, mystery, thriller and drama within the genre. Your writing must reflect on the shared experiences of being a woman in society and help keep the feminist debate alive.

Here are the bestselling women’s fiction books of 2020-

  • The Girl with the Louding Voice by Abi Daré
  • My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell

Thriller/ Crime fiction books

The genre of thriller is an all-time favourite. A well-written crime-fiction story can make for a gripping read. Crafting the mystery, building up suspense and perfecting the climax requires great skill. This genre appeals to people of all age groups. Recently, the literary world has witnessed a huge demand for psychological thrillers. This genre is concerned with the mental states of its characters and emphasises their psychology, perceptions and thoughts within a thriller setting. In a nutshell, the “enemies” in such stories are not external (other characters or circumstances) but internal (phobias, insanity, urges, feelings). Popular culture has helped increase the appeal of this genre. One always finds a psychological thriller book on a list of bestsellers.

Here are the bestselling thriller books of 2020-

  • The Guest List by Lucy Foley
  • One by One by Ruth Ware

Identifying the suitable genre is one of the most important milestones in order to write, self-publish and distribute your book to the right market. Once you’ve chosen the perfect genre, read more works belonging to the same. Many self-published writers today swear by research in order to make an informed decision. Familiarise yourself with the form, style and content of your chosen genre. This will inspire you to innovate further on the traditional form to create your perfect masterpiece.

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