How to Increase Author Visibility in the Public Domain

How to Increase Author Visibility in the Public Domain

In the world that we live in today, increasing your public and virtual presence is paramount. Picture this- you’ve hit publish on your pristine manuscript, ready for the world to read your wonderful book. But if readers aren’t aware that you or your book exist, how will they find out about your talent? Simply writing a good story is not enough to attract readers.  You have to increase your own visibility and that of your book among a sea of millions. Along with being an author, you are also a public figure. Therefore, you need to know the right way to publicize your writing skills. This blog is going to offer some strategies that you can follow. They will ensure you and your book get the exposure you deserve.

Build an appealing author website

If you’re publishing a book for the first time, readers need to get to know you. Creating a website for yourself is the most significant aspect of brand building. When readers are curious to know more about you, they need a place to go where they’ll find the relevant information. Building an author website gives you more credibility. It also helps cultivate relationships with your readers. Make sure your website contains a well-crafted author bio alongside your picture. It is also a good idea to include excerpts from your book or even your book blurb. This will give potential readers a glimpse into your work. Don’t forget to mention your contact information, so readers and publishers can approach you.

Leverage social media to increase your popularity

Today, several authors like John Green and Gillian Flynn have a large social media presence. As we live in a digital age, social media can be leveraged for increasing popularity. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, each have their unique offering when it comes to building your personal brand as an author. As you become a part of the global network, you can promote your skills using social media. It is a good idea to observe social media strategies & campaigns that were conducted by authors for books in the same genre as yours. 

Do readings of your book at bookstores

If you want to become a people’s author, you have to add a personal touch when it comes to building your brand. The best way to ensure that people get to know you is the old fashioned way. This means doing readings of your book at various bookstores. Announce your agenda on your social media accounts so people know where to find you. Book readings often attract large reading audiences as it gives them a chance to meet an author in person. At the end of these sessions, you can interact with the gathering, allowing your potential readers to get to know you in person.

Utilise Influencer and Blogger recommendations

In 2021, relying on recommendations from bloggers and influencers is considered to be the best way to increase your popularity. Reviews from prominent influencers act as recommendations for your book. It is also a nifty way to increase your own popularity as a writer.  Influencers have a large or dedicated group of followers who pay attention to what they say, like and recommend. Readers who follow these blogs or accounts are positively influenced to check out your work. You can approach book bloggers, who are readers and occasionally authors who run websites dedicated to reviewing and promoting books. Nowadays, book vloggers on channels like Youtube are gaining popularity.   

Go live on social media to become a people’s author

Book events are a creative approach to increasing your popularity as a writer. In this age, virtual events have become the norm. Go live on various social media platforms and express your thoughts on trending issues. Show your support for various causes. Give people a chance to get to know you and your opinions. This will make you seem more likeable and relatable. You can even conduct live Q and A sessions to generate dialogue about your new book. Hosting virtual book clubs is a trending method today. It will engage your readers and draw in new ones. You can be a part of the interactions and turn your readers into fans!

As the publishing industry continues to grow, it becomes important for a new writer to stand out. Employing the right strategies can ensure visibility and build your brand successfully. If you’re searching for a comprehensive guide to increasing the virtual and public visibility of your book, a platform like Pencil Masterclass can steer you in the right direction. It features courses on writing habits, publishing know-how and effective marketing strategies. Designed by globally top-rated mentors from every genre of writing, the course series can become your guiding light as you walk the path to becoming a beloved people’s author!

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