Pencil Select: A Call for Distinguished Creators

Do you feel that you or your content have the potential to create an impact and stand out amongst the million voices vying to get published at this moment? Are you looking for a platform that will recognize your expertise? If your answer to both these questions is “yes”, then we believe that the Pencil Select program can shed a spotlight on the best that you have to offer through your talent. Read on to know more about this unique and transformative program that could bring you closer to your dream of becoming a published author-

What is Pencil Select?

Formulated and crafted by the best minds on the Pencil Team, the Pencil Select program is an exclusive, invite-only publishing program that offers promising writers a chance to get their book published. As the name suggests, the program is designed for a chosen few who are truly exceptional in their skills and ideas.

Benefits accorded to the chosen creators-

If you’re wondering why the program is so highly selective, you’ll find your answer in the benefits that it has to offer to the chosen creators and their content-

  1. Editorial support– Editing a manuscript to its best version is indubitably the most imperative stage in the publication process. Chosen creators in this program will be provided with editorial support from true literary virtuosos who can conduct an exhaustive line-edit and a copy-edit of your manuscript before it’s ready to captivate the world.
  1. Design support– Most successful authors agree that a book can make a power statement when it is formatted flawlessly and has an immaculate, professionally designed cover. Thus, while you may be tempted to go with a generic stock image, we at Pencil believe that your truly outstanding content deserves equally brilliant professional design.
  1. Production support– Let’s face it, even seasoned writers appreciate assistance when it comes to the production of their book. The best of minds on the Pencil team will be there to support you at each step- beginning from choosing the size of your book to the quality of paper used,  as your manuscript gets transformed into a printed book/ebook. 
  1. Marketing support– As the publishing industry grows, employing effective marketing strategies is fundamental to driving sales. While you’ll certainly assume the role of artist-entrepreneur, you’ll have skilled professionals by your side who can combine masterful techniques with exhaustive market research to ensure your book gets the exposure it deserves.

Determine whether you’re the right fit

Undoubtedly, you’ve dreamt about a long queue in front of a bookstore where you’re giving out signed copies of your latest literary triumph. You’re not alone. Publishing has been, since time immemorial, a highly competitive avenue. This is only because there is no dearth of powerful voices in the literary world. The Pencil Select program’s highly selective nature can be attributed to its goal of identifying only those writers who have the capacity to create a true revolution in the world of writing. Hence, the criterion for selection is as follows-

  1. The popularity of the content /creator on Pencil
  2. Subject matter experts / industry leaders / popular writers

As is evident, to determine whether this program is meant for you, you can assess your content’s value in terms of its popularity with readers on the platform. You have an edge above others if you’re an expert in the field you’re in or have pioneered change through your leadership. Writers who have been published before and can claim past literary success meet the criterion as well.

Given the exclusive nature of the program, potential entrants must bear in mind that participation in the program is the sole discretion of the Pencil team.

If you’re confident that your contributions to the literary space have extraordinary promise, go forth! This program is an opportunity for you to showcase your knowledge and expertise to the world. If chosen, the best minds on the Pencil team will aid you on your journey to becoming a true artist-entrepreneur!

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