6 Practical Ways To Cultivate A Daily Reading Habit

John Green once wrote that books are the ultimate dumpees. You put them down and they wait ever so patiently for you to pick them back up. On lonely nights or overworked days, the right book can be your perfect company. If your parents cultivated a reading habit in you as a child or you just grew up loving to read, you would know exactly what we mean.

The newer generation is growing up with social media, with series available at the click of an app. To them, reading could perhaps not be of priority. However, we also know that social media does wonder in promoting books and authors. A lot of times we come across our next good read because of it. It definitely has opened up a lot of people’s eyes to reading. 

Before we dive into the tips for reading daily – we should talk about reading effectively. The best way to really enjoy your book and make progress is by finding a time when you can sit back, enjoy a beverage of your choice, and get some heavy reading done. If you are in the state of mind to absorb new knowledge, you will appreciate the stories, the characters, and who knows – you might even be inspired to write your own book!

Set a reading target

Setting a reading goal is always a good idea. It motivates you to read the number of books you have chosen. And there is something deeply satisfactory about reaching your goal one book at a time. GoodReads allows you to create a reading target at the beginning of the year, you just have to pick the number. When you are just starting out, we suggest picking a realistic target such as 12 books a year, for instance.

If you are unsure about which books you should have in your target list, we find Blinklist to be an excellent source for book summaries. Go through the list, read the summaries, and choose the books that make it to your reading list.

Invest in e-Readers  

One of the best ways to start reading is by using the extra time you have. But oftentimes when we travel, we are advised to travel light. Investing in a reading app on your phone such as PocketBooks or Kindle app works like magic.

If you do not mind reading on your phone, you can easily think about switching to a more permanent option such as Kindle or Nook Book. You can load these with multiple books, and you would have a range of stories to choose from.

Start a book blog

Sharing your opinion about the book that you just read on a book blog would not only bring you in contact with like-minded readers but can also bring you a plethora of reading recommendations. Besides, once you tap into a genre you like, you will find more books to read, more author recommendations, and best of all, you can consider becoming a full-time book reviewer!

Join a book club

Finding your kind is also one of the best ways to cultivate a reading habit. If you partner up and read the same book, it makes it even better, because knowing there is someone who can discuss the plot and the characters with you in detail once you finish reading the book is a truly wonderful feeling. Whether you find your kindred spirits online or offline, they will find you your next best read.

Consider listening to audiobooks

We live extremely busy lives. Sometimes it is hard to just sit down and read a book. It is hard to open an app to read when twenty different notifications pop up. For times like these, it is good to have audiobooks as a backup. Apps like Storytel and Audible let you listen to stories or other books while you go about your day. That definitely helps get one interested in books.

Have a specific time dedicated to just reading your book

A designated reading time also helps in cultivating a daily reading habit. Whether reading during a meal break or on the commute – a fixed time always helps. Reading right before bedtime is one of the most common designated time slots allocated to reading. Turn in an hour earlier than when you plan to sleep and spend the time getting acquainted with the magical world of words.

When you get into the habit of reading books, believe us, it will be hard to stop. Reading also helps put you in a better mood. Of course, the stories you choose to read too would have a part to play in that. Even today, we find new readers discovering old classics like Jane Austen’s novels and Lord of the Rings – and of course, a host of new authors as well. It is famously believed that there is no such thing as a non-reader. Only people who have not found the right book yet.

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