6 Free Writing Prompts You Can Steal Guilt-Free

6 Free Writing Prompts You Can Steal Guilt-Free

“If you want to write, just start writing!” If you’re a writer, you’re most likely tired of hearing this. While this is the most accurate piece of advice for aspiring writers, it isn’t always easy, especially if you’ve been stuck in a creative rut lately. 

If you find yourself in this situation, our piece of advice to you is- don’t wait for an Extraordinary IdeaTM to come to you before you begin writing. Sure, some authors can conjure up ideas out of thin air, but for the rest of us, the process begins by writing about something and expanding on that concept. Here are some ideas for topics to write about to get you started (since getting started is the most essential thing). And if you want to borrow them, feel free to do so! We’ve given our blessing.

  1. Choose a line from your favourite song

This can be a fun exercise. Pick a meaningful line from your favourite song and make it the starting point of your novel. You can weave an entire universe with characters around this one line. Music has been a powerful source of inspiration for many famous writers like Haruki Murakami. The result will be something truly special.

  1. Write from the perspective of someone of a different gender than you

This should be fun. Ever wondered what your days would look like if you were of the opposite gender? They sure would be different, right? The choices you make, the thoughts that go through your mind- they’ll definitely be of  a different colour. This is a fun experiment you can do with yourself. Maybe you’ll surprise yourself when you find that while some aspects of your reality might differ, you’re inherently the same!

  1. A character who does all the things you’re not brave enough to do

Despite their active imaginations, most writers tend to be indoor people who are often more likely to read about adventures than actually go on them. So, one method to write a novel as fascinating as the ones you read is to have your protagonist do all the wild and exciting things you wish you had the spontaneity to do — and see where it leads them. (Of course, if you’re so motivated, you could do all the daring things yourself and write a memoir about it).

  1. Choose a picture from an old photo album and weave a story around it

You could write down the actual events surrounding the story or you could fire up your imagination and create a wild one of yours. You can even add elements of mystery or horror to make it interesting! Looking through old images might help you come up with ideas for your next great piece of writing’s setting, characters, events, or emotions.

  1. What would your life have been like if you had taken a different path

Whether you believe in fate or not, life is full of decisions that shape our destinies. Consider a period when you made a decision that could be regarded as significant. Then, make a different choice. What would you be doing now if you hadn’t gone to college? What would your life be like if you travelled for a year? It’s okay to let your imagination go wild and deal with the consequences of your riskier choices – this isn’t real life.

  1. A fictional chat with a stranger who piques your interest

Character quizzes are a fantastic way to help people develop their characters. If you’re looking for a place to begin, an intriguing stranger is a great place to start. Imagining a character’s responses to a series of questions might help flesh them out and possibly give you a tale idea. But, if you really want to get creative, try writing a story that takes the shape of an interview, interrogation, or therapy session.

There you go! Now you don’t have any excuse to not begin writing. These 6 free writing prompts will see you through. Expand on these prompts and weave a story that is unforgettable. One of them could even be your next bestseller!

Happy writing!

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